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Minggu, 10 Mar 2019 13:32 WIB

10 Caption Instagram dari film Captain Marvel

Tak hanya memiliki kekuatan super, Captain Marvel juga bisa menginspirasi para perempuan. Inilah 10 caption Instagram dari film Captain Marvel yang cocok untuk mu.

10 Caption Instagram dari film Captain Marvel
Source: Vox

Captain Marvel langsung menjadi film yang cukup sukses di box office. Bagaimana tidak, Captain Marvel menjadi superhero perempuan pertama tampil dalam film Marvel. Tentunya, Captain Marvel juga bisa menjadi inspirasi para perempuan agar sekuat karakter dirinya. Kami telah merangkum 10 caption Instagram dari film Captain Marvel yang bisa memperkece postingan mu.

  • “I’m not going to fight your war. I’m going to end it.” - Carol Danvers
  • “Grunge is a good look for you.” - Nick Fury
  • “I’m not what you think I am.” - Carol Danvers
  • “We are Kree, strong, united.” - Yon Rogg
  • “War is a universal language. I know a renegade soldier when I see one. It never occurred to me that one might come from above.” - Nick Fury

Ini adalah gambar dari Captain Marvel.

Source: Vox

  • “This war is just the beginning.” - Talos
  • “I keep having these memories. Something in my past is the key to all of this.” - Carol Danvers
  • “You've come a long way. You're not as strong as you think.” - Yon Rogg
  • “Would you like to know what you really are?” - Talos
  • “Your life began the day it nearly ended. We found you with no memory. We made you one of us. So you could live longer, stronger, superior. You were reborn.” - Kree Scientist
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