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Minggu, 15 Sep 2019 12:06 WIB

Caption Instagram kece dari lagu The Beatles

Inilah 10 caption Instagram dari lagu-lagu The Beatles yang cocok untuk membuat postinganmu kian keren.

The Beatles memang menjadi salah satu legenda musik. Bagaimana tidak, lagu-lagu mereka masih cukup populer hingga saat ini di dunia. Untuk kalian para pecinta The Beatles, kami telah merangkum 10 caption Instagram dari lirik lagu mereka. 


"All you need is love." - Love Is All You Need

"Don't carry the world upon your shoulders." - Hey Jude

"Love is old. Love is new. Love is all. Love is you." - Because

"When I'm home, everything seems to be right." - A Hard Day's Night

"Take these broken wings and learn to fly." - Blackbird 


"The sun is up. The sky is blue. It's beautiful, and so are you." - Dear Prudence 

"All my troubles seemed so far away." - Yesterday

"You may say I'm a dreamer. But I'm not the only one." - Imagine

"When the night is cloudy, there is still a light that shines on me." - Let It Be

“Life goes on within you or without you.” - Within You Without You


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