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Jumat, 19 Jun 2020 17:00 WIB

Caption Instagram untuk momen pertunangan saat karantina

Inilah 10 caption Instagram kece yang cocok untuk posting-an momen pertunanganmu saat karantina ini.

Caption Instagram untuk momen pertunangan saat karantina
Source: Unsplash

Melakukan perayaan pertunangan di masa karantina ini tentu terasa berbeda karena hanya bisa merayakannya dengan sedikit orang saja. Nah, kami sudah merangkum 10 caption Instagram yang cocok untuk merayakan momen pertunanganmu saat karantina. 

  • "Low-quality manicure, high-quality fiance." - Unknown
  • "Engagement party for two, please." - Unknown
  • "Heaven is a place on earth with you." - Video Games by Lana Del Ray
  • "Now, we shall pop our champagne at a socially distant six feet, world." - Unknown
  • "You are the best thing that's ever been mine." - Mine by Taylor Swift

Source: Unsplash

  • "Look who listened to Beyoncé and put a ring on it." - Unknown
  • "Ready for our biggest adventure yet." - Unknown
  • "You're my end and my beginning." - All of Me by John Legend
  • "The Instagram post you’ve all been waiting for." - Unknown
  • "My hand feels heavier today…I wonder why." - Unknown
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